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Cattle Egret
Eyebrook Res
21st May 2020
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Wednesday 27th

Markfield: Honey Buzzard reported flying north-east over junction 22 of the M1 at 09.22.

Monday 25th

South Kilworth: Quail sound recorded flying over early morning. NB as always no singing Quails will be reported on this page - it's a Schedule 1 breeding species, and very vulnerable to disturbance from people playing recordings and/or trying to flush them, both of which are illegal. If you find one (or any other rare breeding bird), please report in confidence to the County Recorder and not to national news services/social media.

Sunday 24th

Wryneck in a private garden in North-west Leics today, obviously no access.

Rutland Water: 4 Sanderling & 9 Turnstones. (note the whole site remains closed).

No news either way on the Cattle Egret at Eyebrook today.

Saturday 23rd

Eyebrook Res: Cattle Egret still in field with cows between the inflow & Stockerston, also 5 Common Scoters (4 drakes) off the dam in the evening.

Friday 22nd

Rutland Water: Temminck's Stint, Lagoon 4 (Tim Appleton).

Eyebrook Res: Cattle Egret still in field with cows between the inflow & Stockerston.

Thursday 21st

Eyebrook Res: Cattle Egret again at the inflow early morning, then relocated in cow field just to the north-west of the reservoir towards Stockerston (where the former 'Little Owl tree' is).

Wednesday 20th

Eyebrook Res: Cattle Egret at the inflow this evening.

Monday 18th

Ibstock: Quail recorded flying over in the early hours of the morning.

Wednesday 13th

Rutland Water: Temminck's Stint, Lagoon 4 (tim Appleton).

Eyebrook Res: Greenshank at the inflow + Spotted Flycatcher at the bridge.

Tuesday 12th

Rutland Water: Cattle Egret in field by the VTC.

Friday 8th

Rutland Water: Wood Sandpiper, North Arm.

Wednesday 6th

Eyebrook Res: Wood Sandpiper at the inflow.


Wednesday 29th

Melton Mowbray: Cattle Egret reported flying along the River Eye.

Monday 27th

Eyebrook Res: 2 Whinchats at the inflow.

Thursday 23rd

A one day migrant Stone Curlew at an undisclosed private site in the east of the county.

Eyebrook Res: 2 Avocets at the inflow.

Tuesday 21st

Croft Hill: ringtail Hen Harrier reported this morning.

Sunday 19th

Aylestone Meadows: 1 Ring Ouzel.

Rutland Water: Little Gull & Black Tern, North Arm.

Eyebrook Res: adult Little Gull.

Saturday 18th

Rutland Water: 7 Little Gulls & 3 Black Terns, South Arm; 4 Arctic Terns, North Arm.

Friday 17th

Eyebrook Res: 7 Little Gulls (6 adults).

Warren Hills: 4 Ring Ouzels.

Thursday 16th

Warren Hills: 5 Ring Ouzels.

Rutland Water: adult Little Gull, North Arm.

Saturday 11th

Kelham Bridge: pair of Garganey.

Sunday 5th

Hugglescote: male Ring Ouzel briefly in a garden.

Saturday 4th

Rutland Water: White-tailed Eagle North Arm still, also a second Isle of Wight bird (a female) was satellite tracked through the county today! Also Whimbrel.

Friday 3th

Rutland Water: the White-tailed Eagle spent all day in the North Arm.

Thursday 2nd

Rutland Water: a satellite tracked male White-tailed Eagle from the Isle of Wight reintroduction scheme arrived in the North Arm this evening.