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A WhatsApp group has been set up to allow Leics & Rutland birders to share county bird news. The big advantages of this group over Twitter will be that everyone can send out their own news, without having to go through a central person, and when a message is sent out, everyone will see it, unlike Twitter where it is easy to miss Tweets that you aren’t tagged in.

WhatsApp groups are currently restricted to 256 members, which we hope will be more than enough to include all of the keenest birders in the county who want to get ‘instant’ bird news while they are out and about. For those who don’t need instant news, the daily website updates will still continue, along with the @lrosbirdnews Twitter feed.

Joining the group

If you don’t already have WhatsApp on your phone, you will first need to download and install it (via iTunes, Android Play or the Microsoft Store, depending on what type of smartphone you have). Once you have done this, you will need to request to join the group.

There are currently two group admins: Rhys Dandy and Neil Hagley. In order to be added to the group you will need to be in the phone contacts list of one of these two people. If you know that your mobile number is already known to one of the admins, just contact them (by whatever means you prefer) and ask to be added. If you don’t think you are on the contacts list of any of them, simply email your mobile number to one of them with a request to join. The group is open to all Leics & Rutland resident birders, but because of the way WhatsApp works, this is the only way you can join the group.


If you are completely unknown to any of the admins, we will have to ask you to convince us that you are a genuine Leics/Rutland birder. This is very important for the security of everyone in the group - we have already had at least one apparent scammer trying to join, and once someone is a member they will be able to see everyone's phone number! We are sure that genuine birders won't mind this, as has already proved to be the case.




Click here to read the group guidelines

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