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Survey Work


The Society organises and undertakes surveys in order to find out, in greater detail, about certain species or areas. These are often linked to other conservation organisations and records services, such as the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust, the British Trust for Ornithology or the Leicestershire Museums Arts and Records Service. All that you require to take part in our field studies is a basic knowledge of common birds, a free morning or evening or two, weatherproof clothing (although many surveys are carried out during summer), and a bit of enthusiasm! Taking part in survey work is a rewarding way of contributing to conservation, whilst offering the ideal opportunity toimprove your identification techniques. For more details of these surveys, contact the Leicestershire & Rutland BTO Representative, Dave Wright (contact details).

Specific Species Surveys
The Society also carries out breeding and wintering surveys for specific species or groups of birds. Past surveys have covered, amongst others, Rooks, Skylarks, Lapwings, Nuthatches and Golden Plovers. These surveys have been mainly in co-operation with the BTO, whilst our Conservation and Scientific Sub-committee organises surveys such as the farmland bird survey, which covers species such as Grey Partridge, Turtle Dove, Tree Sparrow, Yellowhammer and Corn Bunting. The species covered usually appear on the Red Data List for Leicestershire and Rutland, as birds under threat or in decline. Monitoring them is very important, and will get the field-worker out into some different and interesting places.

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