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On this page we post any birding or other wildlife-related news we think you might be interested in. If you hear of a piece of news which others might like to know about, send it to for inclusion on this page.

20th March 2019

Watermead CP Work Party

A second session of reed bed management took place at WCP on March 20th. Reed was cut and cleared to help the area remain wet. Thanks to Russell, Linda, Iain, and Peter for their efforts.

13th March 2019

Watermead CP Work Party

In near hurricane conditions eight brave conservation heroes braved the flooded reedbed at Watermead CP. With Dale's guidance we were able to rake off a large area of cut reed. If this dead reed was allowed to accumulate the reedbed would dry out. Species such as Bittern, Water Rail, and Reed Warbler prefer wet reedbed as there is more food available.

The WCP reedbed is probably one of the largest areas of Phragmites in the county. It would soon disappear if it was not managed. If you missed this session, no worries. We are doing it all again next Wednesday!

13th February 2019

Browns Wood Work Party

The February Conservation work party spent a glorious morning coppicing Hazel at Browns Wood. In total 15 trees were coppiced. This will help add structure to this new woodland. We also created brash and log piles which provide natural nesting sites for a range of birds. This month's conservation heroes are Chris, Paula and Peter. Your efforts have improved the wildlife potential of this woodland.

29th January 2019

Hicks Lodge Work Party

The January LROS conservation work party braved cold conditions at Hicks Lodge. Six hardy souls successfully added more pea gravel to the island. This covered parts of the membrane that was starting to show through. We also cleared the area in front of the Sand Martin wall. Finally, a willow and brash barrier was created around the bird hide.

A huge thank you to Chris, Carol, Linda, Simon, and Peter for their magnificent contribution to bird conservation.




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