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The Society was formed initially as a section of the Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society in 1941, but soon outgrew its parent Society and became established in its own right. Since then LROS has gone from strength to strength and now has more than 500 members, mostly from Leicestershire and Rutland, but also from surrounding counties and around the country.

For the sake of consistency in our recording, the LROS continues to cover both Leicestershire and Rutland as a single county (vice county 55), regardless of changes to political boundaries. Indeed, the two counties were seperate entities when the Society was originally formed in 1941.

Membership Benefits

Each year, LROS members receive:
Ten issues of the Society's newsletter, The Grebe (one a month, with combined
June/July and August/September issues)
Annual Bird Report (usually sent with August/September or October newsletter)

LROS members are also welcome to attend:
All LROS indoor meetings (eight a year), free of charge
LROS Outings to places of interest both locally and further afield.

Please see the Meetings and Outings page for details of forthcoming events.

We have negotiated with Corus (formerly British Steel) for special access to the grounds of Eyebrook Reservoir for LROS members. An LROS membership card must be carried at all times. The Society also runs a feeding station during the winter months.

For details of how to take advantage of these benefits, go to the Join LROS section.


  The Grebe

The 'old' Newsletter
The 'old'

Our monthly newsletter, The Grebe, is the Society's regular contact with its members. It provides information on events, surveys, conservation issues and birdwatching sites, as well as a full set of field notes for the previous month's sightings. It also features news from neighbouring counties, tips on where to look and what to look for, trip reports and the 'stop press' latest bird news. Most of all, it is the soapbox from which any members can air their views to a like-minded (or not, as the case may be!) readership, exchange ideas, contact others, etc. For further details, or to submit an article for The Grebe, contact the Editor, Gary Carter ( .

Annual Bird Report 1973

Annual Bird Report 1990

Annual Bird Report

Annual Bird Report

This is the Society's main publication. It is a detailed report of the previous year's sightings of each species recorded in the County, and is usually published by the autumn. A copy is automatically sent to every member; non-members can purchase copies at LROS Sales. The systematic list is compiled by the Editorial Committee from up to 20,000 records a year, and includes tables, counts and breeding details, as well as a mention of each species' current status. It also contains other articles of interest, such as weather notes and survey results, and is enhanced by line drawings and colour photographs.

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